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About Us

WorkingLife is a product developed and created by the team at Level One Sites Inc. After building over 500 websites, the team learned that there are two basic types of websites.

One is a highly customized, vision driven solution that requires custom design and sometimes custom functionality. This is a high end solution that can really benefit a business or operation.

The second kind was a more basic website that serves as a digital brochure for a business. It insures that a business isn’t lost on the internet and allows the business to market it’s URL on it’s marketing materials.

WorkingLife serves that second market. We have broken down the website building process to an easy to follow 36 step process. 30+ steps in that plan need to be handled by professionals, the other steps involve site build assets that only the client/customer can provide. We removed all the noise and confusion of building a site, and simply ask the clients for the few pieces of information that are truly needed to get the site built and live.

Lastly, we believe that business owners should run their business. They should not be wrestling trying to figure out how to build a website. This whole “Build Your Own Website” industry is interesting, in the sense that I’ve never seen a “Perform Your Own Surgery” product or a “Fill Your Own Cavity” dentist office. If you are concerned that you can’t afford a WorkingLife website … well, then just check out our pricing page. We literally have something for every budget.

Our SuperHero Support provides the back up that every business owner needs. Our SuperHero Support Desk is fully staffed and their only job is to service our clients website needs. Most tickets are closed within 24 hours. Urgent requests we can handle within 4 hours.

In order to make this profitable, we needed to figure out how to reduce the build time of our website from 30-45 days, and cut it down to 5-7 days. We took two years and build our proprietary “QuickBuild for WordPress” software that allows us to make websites super fast, export them to WordPress and then customize with specific changes.

Check us out. If you need a new site, or if you don’t have a site and need a site, give us a try. Your website preview is completely free. You don’t have to give us a credit card or anything. We have no contracts, because we only want happy clients. We don’t want unhappy clients contractually obligated to us, because that is what is best for our bank account..